Bienveinidos! Let me introduce myself, I’m Kristy, a humainoid, like you!  Oh yes, also, I am a hairdresser and a yogi spreading love one mind, one stretch and one breath at a time.

Who are you? I’d really enjoy getting to know you. Don’t be shy. Don’t hold back. Just be YOU. We are all beautiful humans uniquely coded with our very own quirks of awesomeness. Hair is meant to express your personality, compliment your lifestyle and tell your very own story. Ready to get your soul, SHINNING?

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, don’t not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

Cosmetology is my craft. It is just too much fun! Hairdressers get to be creative, hang out with great people, build strong relationships and most importantly help you feel amazing! Over the past decade of practicing the art of hair, there is no end. Continually, I strive to grow my creativity through diversifying my education with notable leaders such as Toni & Guy, Kevin Murphy, Oribe, Bumble & Bumble and L’Oreal Professional. Knowledge is power.

Health is wealth. Well then, let’s get REAL rich! Mr. Yuck, where are you? As we become more mindful of the chemical stress in our lives, we are more conscious of the products we invite into our space. I believe in living naturally and no client should be exposed to harsh chemicals and hairdressers shouldn’t have to constantly work with them. As a healthy hairdresser, I welcome only all natural/organic eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free, free products. We live in an advanced world where natural alternative now delivers the same results. Why not play it safe? Life is precious, one must care for it and the lives around us. As science and technology progress in haircare so will the products I carry. Gotta’ stay on top of my game!

Yoga is the meditation. As a yogi, my purpose is to help guide you to the state of feeling freakin’ fantastic through complete body, mind and breath connection. Come share the air and space with me, while we bend our bodies in funny positions and feel great. All you need is your breath. It’s just that simple.

Good Vibes,

Kristy Giang